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Center for Nepalese Language and Culture
Center offers the services related to Nepalese Language and Culture

ITI stands for Instruction, Translation and Interpretation. All these services on Nepalese Language are available through various communicative medium such as by class room, skype connection, on site in person. If you would like to know more in details please drop off an email to drasha@aol.com.

Instruction services the classes are offered Nepali, Newah and Sanskrit languages. They will be taught through the other contracted institutions as well as through the remote learning arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Language Courses Offered Under Nepal Study Programe

Sample Syllabus: Course # NLCN 573

Translation service is available on any document including: letters, announcements, fliers, business memos etc. in common Nepalese languages to English and vice-verse.

Interpretation service includes by phone any where within the US and Canada Monday through Friday with advance request, The on site service is available in local area within the boundary of a couple of hours distance by driving. This service is available for health related services,educational matters, business purposes conferences, meetings etc.